Why are Moms Attacking Other Moms Instead of Helping?

About a year ago I wanted to start up a mommy blog which made me join Facebook (I had been out of touch with Facebook for many many years).  I thought it would be a good idea to join and try to build a following.  Well, my sister added me to a “mom group” and as time went on I saw how combative people are when someone either offered an opinion that what different than theirs or when someone posted their suggestion for a remedy, etc… It was really off-putting and I decided to leave the group and Facebook all together since this was also during the election time and things just got nasty with people.

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What is meant for a place for other moms to go to for help, guidance, or perhaps just an ear to listen has turned into an “I know best” situation.  It was really quite disappointing to see how moms would attack other moms for simply having a different viewpoint on a topic.  I think people forget we are all different and allowed to have a mind of our own.  I personally wouldn’t want someone to not be true to themselves.  We can do this without being nasty though.  If you don’t agree with something, then simply move on…do not comment.  If you are trying to offer your advice, remember that every child is different and each person’s circumstances are different.  What may have worked for you, might not work for someone else.  There are ways to add in your experience on a subject without telling someone they are wrong for not thinking the same way you do.

If you are not able to have conversations with other people without insulting them or verbally attacking them, then perhaps social media is not for you.  This really bothered me the most about the new age of social media and how we all interact with each other.  Another thing that bothered me was that people who were not medical professionals would try to provide their opinion on a matter as law.  This is where again, something that may have worked for you or affecting you in a particular way may not affect someone else the same way.  I don’t even want to get started on the topic of the anti-vaccine movement, because rarely do people provide facts, more so opinions and this is where things start to get ugly.

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I would like to challenge every mother out there to try to remember to be open minded and to remember that everyone is new at being a mother at some point in their lives.  We didn’t just figure this out without having children…. If you find yourself starting to be negative or combative on a post reply, just breathe, let it go and move on.  Don’t leave nasty comments…you can be better than that.  I know you can.  Let’s try to be there for our fellow mothers just trying to survive and keep some bit of our sanity while doing so.  Being a parent is the most difficult and most rewarding thing you can do in your life.  Let’s join together when someone is in need of advice or assistance and stop criticizing each other.  We are all entitled to parent our children as we see fit, if you do not agree with it, don’t worry…it’s not our place to judge or try to impose our will onto others.

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