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Some people say it is not a necessity, but I can tell you from my experience with two children that I feel nursing specific clothing can really make your life easier.  I’m all about making life with a newborn easier!  The problem I had was that since our family is on a single income, I could not afford a good amount of the breastfeeding clothing out there.  If I could sew, I would make some and sell for a low price just to help the moms out there in the same situation.  They want you to breastfeed your babies but darn it they make all of the accessories and pumping supplies so expensive.  I will stop the rant on that, since the purpose of this post is to supply you with places to get nursing clothing. Although I have not personally purchased clothing from all of these places, I went ahead and looked at other people’s reviews.


  1. Motherhood Maternity(Destination Maternity). This is the most accessible place to get your everyday nursing gear, but do not expect it to last very long. Their nursing bras with underwire are just so cheaply made and every single one I have owned, the underwire comes out within a month.  Now their sports bra like nursing bras have lasted me a good while.  The nursing tops tend to be short lived as well.  The seams unravel after a few washes.  It’s very disappointing.  But, if you are wanting to take a look at what they offer, here is their website.
  1. I like Target’s nursing bras and tank tops the most.  They are affordable and very comfortable.  I also did not have any issues with the quality.  Here is their website to nursing attire.
  1. Pink Blush Maternity. Can be a little pricey but I have heard decent reviews from other moms on the quality of their products.  Here is their website.
  1. H&M. I have ordered the MAMA 2-pack nursing tops for $30 and they were ok.  Kind of thin material but comfortable enough.  They have a decent selection and good prices.  Here is their website.
  1. I have never ordered off this website because the prices are too high for me but here you are.
  1. Old Navy. Average prices, but quality has gone down so beware.  Not all of their clothing falls apart, but I have had a couple things that barely lasted. Here you are.
  1. Momzelle. Also a little too pricey for me but here you are.
  1. Amazon has a decent selection of bras and tank tops. I have ordered a few nursing tank tops and bras, they have lasted a while so far! Check them out here.
  1. Milk and Baby. Again, very expensive to me… but here’s a look for you.
  1. Zulily. Can be hit and miss but you can find some decent deals on nursing clothing here.
  1. JC Penney. The have these on their website only.  At least in my location they do not sell them in stores.
  1. Nordstrom. Very pretty options but as you know, it can be costly. Find them here.
  1. Walmart.  Also only available online in my area.  Find them here.
  1. Au Lait. Very beautiful options but spendy. Find them here.
  1. Mommylicious Maternity. Not very many options, but affordable. Find them here.
  1. BellyMoms.  I do not have any experience with their clothing but here you are.
  1. BunMaternity. If you are looking for colorful $45 tank tops, then this is your place! They do have some cute dresses though.
  1. Milk Closet. Limited selection but when you are running out of options its worth a shot. Find them here.
  1. Ripe Maternity. Cute stuff but very expensive.  Find them here.

Again, if you are crafty you can make your own nursing bras but I was not that person.  I barely know how to operate my sewing machine….

It was much easier when you are out and about and can easily nurse your baby.  Even if you have a large shirt that you can pull up, make sure you at least have a bra on that is easy to pull a boob out, lol. Some people may find they do not need the nursing wear, but for me it was a must.  I hope you have some good resources now for you to find your favorite nursing clothes.



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