I like finding fast, natural looking ways to do makeup.  As a mom, we are often the last to get ready and have very limited time.  Although I went to Cosmetology school back in 2003, I no longer do hair and makeup so I am always looking for new ways to improve my process! If you have any quick tips to add, please comment….we would all love to have any additional help!

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I recently became a distributor  (#380950) for SeneGence specifically LipSense at the moment.  I never wore lipstick because I absolutely hated having to constantly check in the mirror. Do I have lipstick on my teeth? Did half of it come off while I took a drink from a water bottle or ate dinner? It was just too much of a hassle for me and even the “long lasting” ones did not seem to work well for me.  I found LipSense through my sisters friend and I love it!  I love it so much I want to spread the love! If you are interested in the products let me know.  Email me at  Want $2 off?  Refer a friend and join my FaceBook group here.

Tips and Tricks for LipSense:

  • Apply to clean, exfoliated, dry lips.  I like to use an alcohol-free witch hazel like this one to clean my lips with and get off any makeup that got on my lips.
  • Shake color well, and shake some more.
  • Wipe off excess on applicator tip before applying.  You want thin layers.
  • Apply 3 thin layers, letting each layer dry 10 seconds in between.  Don’t let your lips touch until you have applied all 3 layers and the gloss to seal.
  • Re-apply gloss throughout the day and before eating to help protect color.
  • Do NOT leave colors in the heat (like your car).
  • Because of the “no wax” feature, your lips may go through an exfoliation phase (mine did).  I supply all of my customers with a sample of a sugar scrub that has really helped to exfoliate and make your color last longer through the day.  I offer an 8 ounce size for $6. The Lip Balm is also really helpful during this time.
  • Do NOT use any other glosses or chapstick with LipSense, it will prevent the color from staying on.  Ideally you want to stay away from any wax lip balms or products otherwise you will be constantly going through the exfoliation phase while the LipSense tries to remove the build up of wax.
  • You may experience a slight burning or tingling sensation when you first start to use LipSense.  This is from the small amount of alcohol in the product that helps prevent bacteria from forming.  I really only noticed the stinging the first few times I used it or if my lips were SUPER dry, but I really don’t have that problem anymore.

Want to save 20%-50%? Interested in becoming a distributor? Join me and the amazing women who are building a lip empire!  This company is so amazing and there are people who have qualified for a vehicle paid for by SeneGence in three months!! You can also earn paid vacations for you and a guest!  It is truly amazing!  Email me or message me on Facebook for more info!  Seriously, if I can do this you can, too! I am like one of the most introverted and antisocial people you’ll ever meet, but when it comes to a product I love I open up.  My distributor ID is 380950.  You only need $55 to join for the annual membership, no required monthly orders.  Just need to order at least $200 in product every six months.  Join a company that is growing and really takes care of its members.


 As of 8/06/17, the colors pictured below are the ones I currently have in stock.  Visit my FaceBook page to purchase, or email me at